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Our Services


Specialising in freight maintenance we maintain equipment either onsite or at one of our fully equipped workshop facilities in Sydney and Brisbane. Our services include:

  • Assest Management Solutions

  • Preemptive maintenance planning

  • Equipment Repairs

  • Equipment Upgrades


Using our extensive facilities we are able to offer the following fabrication services:

  • Structural Steel Fabrication and Installation
  • R. M. S. Pedestrian Fencing and Installation
  • Stainless Steel and Aluminium Fabrication
  • Bespoke Steel Fabrication including Handrails, Gates and Barriers


With our comprehensive skill set we are able to adapt to our clients onsite maintenance needs. Our services include:

  • Small to medium bespoke steel fabrication projects

  • Light steel fabrication projects

  • Repairing handrails, gates, fencing etc.

  • Fabricating and installing customised steel work

Our Customers

About Mecfab

The key to Mecfab is preventative maintenance. When we started Mecfab in 2007 we wanted to bring together a group of people with genuine airport equipment maintenance experience who knew how to do the job to the highest standard. We succeeded. With our clients we were able to put together clearly defined servicing requirement and asset management solutions where none had existed before.

From there it was a natural evolution into site maintenance. We had the knowledge, experience and the clearance to work on site at the airport. We have large fully equiped workshop facilities in both Sydney and Brisbane which means we are able to provide the fastest possible response times to both Sydney and Brisbane airports.

As Mecfab has expanded we have strived to maintain a small company mentality. We believe this  has kept our focus on the personal relationships we have formed with our clients. We strive to understand our client needs and work with them to provide solutions whether they be large or small.

What Mecfab can do for you

Our tradesmen are fully licensed for electrical and mechanical work in NSW and QLD.

We have airside registered vehicles which are able to go onsite to remove faulty equipment.

We have large fully equipped workshop facilities close to the airports in Sydney and Brisbane.

Our staff are ASIC and BAC accredited.

Our staff are highly trained and collectively have over 50 years of experience performing maintenance tasks.

We have on call staff able to respond quickly to client needs giving us the fastest possible response times.